What some of our students have said about us…

I’ve always wanted to do a self-defence/martial arts class, to gain some confidence in protecting myself.
With no experience in martial arts I went to a taster class. Joe and Ricky have created a really great atmosphere for nervous beginners or people with more experience.
I would definitely recommend this class for all levels of experience and I’ll be carrying the on class after my beginners package finishes.

Emily Wilsher

Fantastic self-defence classes. Each session is nicely paced and explained in detail so you can join anytime. Would definitely recommend.
I encourage women to come and try! Myself and my sister have learned some great defence skills. Practice can only help in case we ever needed it in real life (hope not!). Joe & Ricky are very professional / respectful.
Classes are fun too and in the end of the day it’s yet another interesting way to get out of the house and stay fit!

Joanna Kor

I attended my first ever Krav Maga class purely out of curiosity, never expecting that 5 months down the line I would be one of the regulars. Ricky & Joe had me hooked instantly! Their teaching methods are great, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first class or if you’ve been training for years as the guys always find the time to work with you individually while you practice a technique. It’s always a pleasure to attend this fun and friendly class!

Ursula Villemsone

In life one needs skills. And one of the skills is the ability to defend yourself. I am not condoning violence in any shape or form as the main principles of Krav Maga is to be peaceful and respectful to others. This skill can prevent you from being a victim of crime. I have taken a number of martial art classes in the past and became bored with the humdrum of their training. I have been practising Krav Maga for the past year and I along with many friends in law enforcement and the military believe this system works. I find the energy of the instructors along with the students make an enjoyable two hours fly by. You can see the passion in Ricky and Joe’s teaching and their eagerness for each student to learn each technique down to the finest detail. So if you want to learn how to defend yourself along with spending time with highly motivated individuals come along. Be warned it is not an easy ride. It takes a lot of effort and determination. I give a five star rating.

El Rogue

I have been attending the Krav Maga class for about 5 month now, and I really enjoy it every time!
It is a friendly class where beginners and advanced train together, and as it is usually a small group (8-15 people) it gives more time for the instructors (Ricky & Joe) to come around and help you.
They’re always here if you need help, and give you advice…
Come try a class and you’ll be hooked! X

Coralie Michel

Great class, super instruction with every inch of detail broken down slowly to ensure understanding of each move. It’s Krav Maga, BJJ, Thai, Aikido and much more all rolled into one. I’m really enjoying my learning so much and would recommend this class to anyone looking for a no nonsense martial art for worst case scenario on the street but still learnt in a safe and friendly environment. Ooooosss

Danny Withervee

I’ve been at Krav for a few months now and found the instruction given by both Joe and Ricky very good, so if you want to better your chances in walking away from an attack come and train in a SAFE and friendly environment thanks guys awesome stuff!

Gianni Silluzio

I have only just started to attend Krav Maga classes with LONDONfit Urban Krav Maga and the instruction from Joe and Ricky has been very professional and profound helping in any way to make sure you understand different self defence techniques. Overall a great class to attend and I recommend it to anybody considering doing some Krav.

Hera Gibson

Urban Krav Maga is a fantastic system and this is a superb class run by two enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructors. Joe and Ricky will teach you the most effective self defence techniques around in a friendly and fun environment. Expect to be worked hard and end up fitter and more confident as a result. Highly recommended.

Tom Wood

Great day, hard work but fun and direct…everyone there had a good attitude and the instructors were helpful and knowledgeable… Would definitely sign up again for future seminars!!!!

Charlie Marbles

Great classes with brilliant instructors – Everyone works to help others which means beginners and more experienced members benefit. Give it a try!

Aryan Sharahi

Great place with great instructors

Stefan Holtkamp

Cannot tell you how much I enjoy this. Good people, good instruction, great fitness!

Peter Morris

Come on people, every day we put on the news to find another life has been claimed by the violence that goes on in everyday life. We as people see this on the news, in the local new papers and on Crimewatch.
We all sit there in great disgust at some of the most horrific crimes, but we still think it won’t happen to us. The truth is you could walk out your house one morning never to return. So come on people for 2 hours a week come join us at LONDONfitUKM to learn a great form of self defence by two of the finest instructors in Krav Maga. There’s no bullshit, no dancing, no years of learning stances or Bruce Lee moves. We are taught skills to enable us to deal with a threat no matter your gender, size or weight. We are taught to deal with any problem that may arise wether you’re being harassed or bullied this class is for you and the good thing is you can reach a good standard in as little as 6 months.

Stand tall people, nobody needs to tolerate violence!

Nicholas Hollingsworth