What some of our students have said about us…

A great bunch of people to train with! Regardless of your level of experience you will feel welcomed and learn Krav Maga along with everyone. Joe, the instructor, demonstrates all Krav Maga moves with clarity and is always happy to answer questions or provide more demonstrations. He is very informative, accessible and will help you feel confident and empowered.


Agnieszka M

Since I started the classes, I’m now looking forward to Mondays! Joe is brilliant at explaining the moves and showing how to be more efficient. The atmosphere is fun and friendly. I already feel more confident after just a couple of months, highly recommended to both men and women.


Lucie Charra

Empowering and Invaluable Krav Maga Experience

I’ve been attending the Krav Maga course at Blackheath for the past four months, and every Monday evening has become a highlight I eagerly anticipate. Through this course, I’ve not only learned the art of self-defence but also gained a comprehensive understanding of how to protect myself if ever faced with a threatening situation.

One of the most striking aspects of this course is the emphasis on avoiding conflict whenever possible. Our instructor, Joe, stands as a remarkable mentor, person, and friend. He tirelessly imparts his knowledge, patiently explaining techniques repeatedly and demonstrating the moves essential for safeguarding oneself during challenging moments.

The diversity within the class is remarkable, attracting individuals from all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds. Despite this diversity, a sense of belonging and mutual respect pervades the class atmosphere, fostering an environment where friendships naturally form. In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting one of my closest friends through these sessions.

After just four months of consistent practice, I’ve noticed a tangible boost in my confidence and self-empowerment. The value for the investment is exceptional, as the experience is nothing short of amazing. Beyond the self-defence techniques, this course has created a beautiful sense of community. Every Monday, I not only enhance my skills but also have an incredible amount of fun.

What sets this course apart is the individual control it affords each participant during training. Whether you prefer a slower pace or desire to test your abilities in more realistic scenarios, the choice is entirely yours and your partner’s.

In summation, this Krav Maga course at Blackheath has been transformative. It goes beyond just physical techniques, offering a holistic approach to personal safety, empowerment, and camaraderie. With an exceptional instructor like Joe and a supportive community, this course is an investment that yields both immediate and lasting benefits.”


Riccardo Golin

I’ve been to a different krav place before joining Joe and from the first session I could see that, by far, my experience was a million times better! I leave every class feeling more confident as we get a lot of time to learn the moves, whereas before I’d be doing 4/5 moves in 1 hr so I never remembered anything!

Joe has a wealth of knowledge and he makes every class interesting and fun! The people here are also first class. I absolutely love it here 😊


Alex M

I’ve attended various different martial arts clubs over the years and can say that Joe’s Urban Krav Maga is the best. Simple and effective techniques that anyone of any size can do with no faffing around. Classes are fun with people from all ages, backgrounds and abilities welcome. You must give Krav Maga a try – it’s the most realistic martial art that exists.


Charlie Downs

I’ve had a fantastic experience with LONDONfit, Joe’s manner with teaching people either with no experience or with advanced techniques is nothing short of incredible, his attention to detail, patience and easy to approach attitude is fantastic. In addition to this the atmosphere around the Dojo is friendly, courteous and completely non-judgemental, I would recommend LONDONfit to anyone who wants to learn Krav Maga. And I want to say a BIG thank you to Joe for his teachings and advice whilst I have been attending his classes, and above all he really is a good fella.


James A

I cannot rate UKM enough, and especially Joe. This is an incredibly effective system. No fancy stuff – just pure practical application that involves little fitness and effective even for smaller people with less power/strength than a larger assailant. Everything is tailored for you, no matter who you are! You will leave each session feeling more and more confident.

What’s more – it’s FUN! You will meet great people and make new friends. Expect plenty of smiles, laughter, and occasionally a few bruises (but it’s up to you how hard you want to go really).


Jon von der Heyden

Great place to learn Krav Maga. Joe is a lovely instructor who is always really patient and creates a positive and fun atmosphere to learn – would recommend!


Catherine Greenacre

First trying anything like this since Judo as a child. Joe is great, welcoming and shows great demonstration of how to do something. Class members are welcoming & friendly. Highly recommend!



Excellent self-defence classes in a friendly environment, where everybody feels welcome and secure.

Joe is a very knowledgeable instructor. He demonstrates the correct technique of individual movements, but also explains the overall logic in an accessible way.

I am a complete beginner, but in a handful of classes I have already mastered several useful tactics. The classes are also suitable for advanced practitioners, of which there are a few in the group.

Each class is a lot of fun and builds confidence that if something goes wrong in the street, you would be able to safely escape the situation.


Ekaterina Kniga

I’ve trained with Urban Krav Maga & Joe for many months. The quality of teaching is second to none. The classes and techniques are for all levels, body types and confidence levels. There is a focus on defending the most common street attacks based on law enforcement account, so from day 1 you are simulating realistic scenarios & responses.

The environment is inclusive, with no ego. There is a fine balance of establishing and stress testing techniques, which I personally feel is absent in a lot of classes (i.e. being able to make your technique work under pressure).

Joe has experience across a plethora of martial arts which means he has a very pragmatic approach to application (where as other systems can be very prescriptive, one dimensional).

Overall, I highly recommend Urban Krav Maga and Joe. He is an excellent teacher and a skilled practitioner. If you are looking to learn self-defence in a safe and supportive environment this is the class for you.


Radcliffe Cole

Joined LONDONfitUKM for a trial class and I’m now hooked; you learn a key life skill that boosts your self-confidence, directly applicable to real life, and with a great group of people helping each other.

Joe is a superb instructor, with extensive knowledge, that inspires you and is patient and flexible in his approach.

I couldn’t recommend it enough.


Sandra Molinero

If you are thinking of learning self-defence, YOU MUST give LONDONfit Urban Krav Maga a go!!
I spent so many days and weeks browsing websites and reading reviews to find out my first ever Krav Maga class, and I found THE must-have place: LONDONfit Urban Krav Maga!

For the (very demanding!) beginner with high expectations I am, it had overall to perfectly meet top standards like
– a true friendly atmosphere where permanent mutual respect doesn’t leave room for aggressive behaviours,
– a very experienced, communicative and exquisitely pedagogical instructor who makes me feel at ease instantly whilst guiding me through every step to increase my self-confidence,
– a truly effective training that leads me to learn quickly and perform on every movement to improve super fast the technics.

My first contact with Joe the instructor reflected straight away all these criteria extremely important to me and my first class was simply an incredible experience with the group. So incredible that I’ve signed up on the first day and since then, I’ve just been feeling tremendously impatient waiting for the next classes!

And Joe, what a rare gem! I will never express enough my immense gratitude for all his attention and precious advices so crucial in this very new learning process to me! Joe, you are fantastic in your own way to make Krav Maga so incredibly accessible, easy to apprehend and exciting to learn! LONDONfit Urban Krav Maga is definitely THE place where to be!



LONDONfit Urban Krav Maga is brilliant!! Joe, the instructor, is great. I really like how he shows me different techniques to get the most out of a move. I’ve been going for a little bit and am already seeing a big change in my fitness.


Nicholas Kubianka

It is just what I needed! A perfect place to increase your self-confidence and to feel safer wherever you go. The teaching team is very professional and can teach everyone. Thanks to the perfect size of the group we can practice with partners but everyone is getting personal feedback.
If you look for self-defence class this is perfect place!


Jakub Watorowski

Every Monday you learn new movements. Joe is a great trainer.


Max Martin

If you want to learn useful self defence in a good environment with a great instructor sign up for a trial session at LONDONfit Urban Krav Maga, you won’t be disappointed.

Classes are friendly, well organised and varied. No ego’s just a group of people learning skills that could help in a real world situation.


Graham GibbsWould’ve given 5 stars if they had 2 x classes per week!

If you are looking for a self-defence class, that teaches realistic self-defence techniques – this is the class for you! The class is taught by two highly experienced instructors, Joe and Ricky, that are both patient and respectful of all students physical abilities.

There aren’t any belts, bowing or kata’s – the focus is simply on making sure you learn techniques that will help you, should you need to look after yourself. I’ve been training for a while and there is always something new to learn as well re-learn!


Anil Vaidya

A really fun and accessible class. It’s been a fantastic way to learn practical self defence skills in a friendly environment. The instructors are patient, knowledgeable and great at explaining the techniques. Definitely recommend it!


Matt M

A game-changing, friendly, safe-space where you quickly learn awesome skills that will change your life and keep you safe on the streets!


Anthony Bardos

The LONDONfit Urban Krav Maga class I attend is excellent, the instructors and class members are all very friendly and welcoming. You just turn up an you’re part of the group. The training is varied each week and you’re always learning something new while putting the previous skills you’ve learned into practice. It’s very practical and you will have learned something useful after your first class. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an new and fun way to keep fit, a very practical martial art or a good way to let off steam. The first lesson is free to try out so come and join in and see if you like it!


Rowland Smith

So glad this place was recommended to me; the focus on real life situations gives you useful tools and techniques straight away. Joe and Ricky are both excellent instructors; patient, personable and encouraging. They have created a really fun and supportive environment to learn; no matter your level or experience.


Sunniva Skorve

Great Place to learn Krav Maga and useful urban self-defence techniques. It has a good, positive atmosphere with a lot of amicable people. Joe and Ricky are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly instructors. Recommended.


I’m glad that I have joined LONDONfit Krav Maga. Everyone is so friendly and trying to help you. Lots of fun and great instructors – Ricky and Joe – who make us feel more comfortable with them and the group. They make sure they give you individual attention and help you understand the correct techniques. Krav Maga can be a lifesaver as something could happen any time and anywhere around you. Krav Maga teaches you to defend yourself with practical and effective techniques. Could be used by anyone, does not matter about your size and strength. Highly recommended! 😀



Rick and Joe are top lads. They’re patient and personable instructors. Each with a slightly different take on things. That makes the learning all the more varied. The atmosphere at the club is the polar opposite of macho. It’s totally inclusive with a positive vibe. I’m starting to get articulated with my moves and real life routines, and growing in confidence all the time.


William Fitch

LONDONfit Urban Krav Maga is both fun and instructive. I have been attending for several months now and really enjoy it. The instructors Joe and Ricky make the sessions engaging and enjoyable whatever your level. The group are good fun too. Highly recommended!


Chris Weaver

Fun friendly environment inclusive for all. Great instructors teaching valuable self defence techniques!



Having done a number of martial arts over the years I know good teaching when I see it. Excellent training that works in real life. MMA is good and all that, but most of what they teach you here is illegal in MMA. It’s straight to point techniques, that deal with real life scenarios and doesn’t just depend on you being the faster or stronger kicker and puncher! but skills that everyone can use. A friendly and welcoming place.



Good place for training, qualified instructors, positive atmosphere.


Tatiana Ianciuc

Excellent place to train. Professional trainers, and professional behaviour. Recommended!



Would highly highly recommend Urban Krav Maga to anyone interested in realistic self defence. Their teaching style is the best I’ve ever seen – addressing real-life street threats and teaching you how to defend against them, regardless of your gender, size or experience. It’s particularly great for women as it focuses less on stand up boxing-style street fighting, and more on what we’re likely to experience when faced with dangerous situations, and larger aggressors – with and without weapons involved. The instructors are super friendly and willing to adapt lessons to anything you wish to learn, or are concerned about experiencing.


Kim Hutchinson

I’ve always wanted to do a self-defence/martial arts class, to gain some confidence in protecting myself.
With no experience in martial arts I went to a taster class. Joe and Ricky have created a really great atmosphere for nervous beginners or people with more experience.
I would definitely recommend this class for all levels of experience and I’ll be carrying the on class after my beginners package finishes.


Emily Wilsher

Fantastic self-defence classes. Each session is nicely paced and explained in detail so you can join anytime. Would definitely recommend.
I encourage women to come and try! Myself and my sister have learned some great defence skills. Practice can only help in case we ever needed it in real life (hope not!). Joe & Ricky are very professional / respectful.
Classes are fun too and in the end of the day it’s yet another interesting way to get out of the house and stay fit!


Joanna Kor

I attended my first ever Krav Maga class purely out of curiosity, never expecting that 5 months down the line I would be one of the regulars. Ricky & Joe had me hooked instantly! Their teaching methods are great, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first class or if you’ve been training for years as the guys always find the time to work with you individually while you practice a technique. It’s always a pleasure to attend this fun and friendly class!


Ursula Villemsone

In life one needs skills. And one of the skills is the ability to defend yourself. I am not condoning violence in any shape or form as the main principles of Krav Maga is to be peaceful and respectful to others. This skill can prevent you from being a victim of crime. I have taken a number of martial art classes in the past and became bored with the humdrum of their training. I have been practising Krav Maga for the past year and I along with many friends in law enforcement and the military believe this system works. I find the energy of the instructors along with the students make an enjoyable two hours fly by. You can see the passion in Ricky and Joe’s teaching and their eagerness for each student to learn each technique down to the finest detail. So if you want to learn how to defend yourself along with spending time with highly motivated individuals come along. Be warned it is not an easy ride. It takes a lot of effort and determination. I give a five star rating.


El Rogue

I have been attending the Krav Maga class for about 5 month now, and I really enjoy it every time!
It is a friendly class where beginners and advanced train together, and as it is usually a small group (8-15 people) it gives more time for the instructors (Ricky & Joe) to come around and help you.
They’re always here if you need help, and give you advice…
Come try a class and you’ll be hooked! X


Coralie Michel

Great class, super instruction with every inch of detail broken down slowly to ensure understanding of each move. It’s Krav Maga, BJJ, Thai, Aikido and much more all rolled into one. I’m really enjoying my learning so much and would recommend this class to anyone looking for a no nonsense martial art for worst case scenario on the street but still learnt in a safe and friendly environment. Ooooosss


Danny Withervee

I’ve been at Krav for a few months now and found the instruction given by both Joe and Ricky very good, so if you want to better your chances in walking away from an attack come and train in a SAFE and friendly environment thanks guys awesome stuff!


Gianni Silluzio

I have only just started to attend Krav Maga classes with LONDONfit Urban Krav Maga and the instruction from Joe and Ricky has been very professional and profound helping in any way to make sure you understand different self defence techniques. Overall a great class to attend and I recommend it to anybody considering doing some Krav.


Hera Gibson

Urban Krav Maga is a fantastic system and this is a superb class run by two enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructors. Joe and Ricky will teach you the most effective self defence techniques around in a friendly and fun environment. Expect to be worked hard and end up fitter and more confident as a result. Highly recommended.


Tom Wood

Great day, hard work but fun and direct…everyone there had a good attitude and the instructors were helpful and knowledgeable… Would definitely sign up again for future seminars!!!!


Charlie Marbles

Great classes with brilliant instructors – Everyone works to help others which means beginners and more experienced members benefit. Give it a try!


Aryan Sharahi

Great place with great instructors.


Stefan Holtkamp

Cannot tell you how much I enjoy this. Good people, good instruction, great fitness!


Peter Morris

Come on people, every day we put on the news to find another life has been claimed by the violence that goes on in everyday life. We as people see this on the news, in the local new papers and on Crimewatch.
We all sit there in great disgust at some of the most horrific crimes, but we still think it won’t happen to us. The truth is you could walk out your house one morning never to return. So come on people for 2 hours a week come join us at LONDONfitUKM to learn a great form of self defence by two of the finest instructors in Krav Maga. There’s no bullshit, no dancing, no years of learning stances or Bruce Lee moves. We are taught skills to enable us to deal with a threat no matter your gender, size or weight. We are taught to deal with any problem that may arise wether you’re being harassed or bullied this class is for you and the good thing is you can reach a good standard in as little as 6 months.

Stand tall people, nobody needs to tolerate violence!


Nicholas Hollingsworth